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Founded by Ram Prakash Singhal alias Lalji in 1962, Lalji Handicrafts is an amazing world of furniture in itself where traditional aesthetics meets modern innovation. Since its incorporation in 1981, it has grown up to one of the largest collections of semi-antique and modern architectural elements in the country today. Lalji Handicrafts has been providing its selfless service for 3 generations now, with a vision of creating products with uncompromising quality, optimum standard, and glorious historic essence. Its priority is to fulfill the need, requirement, and satisfaction of its customers with utmost sincerity and dedication.

The showroom of Lalji Handicrafts is located in footsteps of Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur that offers the finest quality artistic handicrafts and decorative collections to clients from all over the world. The 696,690 square foot factory located in Kuri is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces – starting from grand doors, benches, chairs, columns, ceiling panels to other striking accessories and much more. Most of the semi-antique elements have been given new life by the addition of modern inlay and overlay work by a dedicated team of more than 225 skilled artisans, painters, and craftsmen. Lalji is proud of its staff whose hard work, dedication and support have made it India’s leading exporter.

The contemporary and semi-antique pieces of Lalji Handicrafts have always been admired by interior designers, architects, and international trendsetters. Because of the strong ethical business trade and care for social responsibility, it stands out from the rest of its contemporaries. For its outstanding performance and prioritized service to its customers, Lalji Handicrafts has also been recognized and awarded by the government in the year 2004, trade organizations and journals.

On this site, we try to present some impressions of the enormous inventory available at our showroom. We assure you will be amazed seeing our wide range of products here at one place.


Each piece in our showroom has been skillfully handcrafted by our talented artisans. Every piece of wood has been carefully shaped, the marble finely carved, and the brass expertly hammered. Each member of our manufacturing team has perfected their techniques over the years of hard work and experience. The satisfaction and pride of their work reflect in their eyes. The result is a truly unique and outstanding piece that is guaranteed to spellbind its viewers.

Director's Cut

It was approximately in 1961.Wooden dolls were made during Gangaur, Gangaur is colorful and one of the most important festivals of people of Rajasthan and is observed throughout the state with great fervor and devotion by womenfolk who worship Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva during March–April. It is the celebration of spring, harvest, and marital fidelity. So a thought crossed my mind. We tried to make something like that here, but no one was experienced enough to make them. Then we went to Nagaur where there were one or two qualified craftsmen. So, they started to work for us. They used to work for one month and after that, we used to bring the items to Jodhpur.

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